izawa deiryu zen phrase chawan tea bowl

Izawa Deiryu | Teabowl

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If one day you would want to get away from your fancy, feverish, frantic urban life, where would you go? Where would you hope to find a remote, quiet, and contemplative place? - Maybe in the mountains.

For centuries, the mountains offered all the blessings a civilized human being was longing for. But Deiryu experienced something completely different. On this tea bowl he draws a different picture. He has written a so called “One Word Barrier” (Jap.: ichiji kan), a form of Zen calligraphy that features one large character, either by itself or with and inscription in smaller size. The main character is mountain. “The mountains shout hip hip hooray” (yama wa yobu banzei no koe).


Izawa Deiryu (1895-1954)


The inscription reads "The mountains shout Hip hip hooray!" 

Height 6.2 cm (2 1/2 in.)

Diam. 15.2 cm (6 in.) 

Wooden box with inscription on the bottom