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Fukuda Kodojin | Waterfall

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In 1925 Kodojin celebrated his sixtieth birthday. Because this is considered a full lifetime, any additional years are thought of as a bonus, a new beginning after one’s family and work responsibilities have been fulfilled, and a special celebration called “kanreki” is held at this time. Accordingly, in autumn of 1925 Kodojin decided to return to his birthplace. At the end of his trip to Shingu, Kodojin paid an extended visit to the nearby Nachi Waterfall, one of the glories of Japanese scenery. - The poem on the scroll reads:

A single vapor shakes Heaven and Earth,the flying flow comes directly down.
Gaze up - it's hard to stand here long, in broad daylight terrified of thunder!
My poem is done; in vain I shout it out: The Banished immortal - where, oh where is he?

Fukuda Kodojin (1865-1944)
Ink on paper
135 x 32.7 cm (53 x 12 3/4 in.)
Mounting: 206 x 45.6 cm (81 x 18 in.)
Original box (tomobako)
Bachmann Eckenstein