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Fujimura Yoken | Painting

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Fujimura Yoken was a prominent disciple of Sen Sotan, Sen Rikyu's grand-son. Sotan had a outstanding taste and interesting collection. Fujimura Yoken as a young man had the chance to see some of his master's treasures. This scroll shows two things: (1)  A tray stone (bon seki) standing in gravel. Yoken sketches it and writes: "Big rough grains need to be round and smaller. Middle to small grains set large to small gradually from right. Sieve and prepare three of them, and sieve them again." (2) Left of this there are some details of a long cord (nagao) on a tea jar. Yoken writes, "This was copied at Sotan's place. And shall remain a secret."


These sketches ended up in the hands of Hikita Gentstsu (1748-1818), who pasted them thogether and added a title on the far right "Image of a Tray Landscape Stone and Long Cord by Yoken", and also a colophon on the far left: "Image of tray landscape stone and long cord by Yoken, it is said as it is written on the right".


The scroll comes in a certificate box by Shirasaki Kenjo (born 1941), who has written several books on Fujimura Yoken. On the inside of the box Shirasaki writes: "Approved by Hikita Yuko. Kenshin-in. Kenjo." - And on the outside of the box depiction of a Bonseki next to a long cord (Naga-o), painted by Yoken.


Fujimura Yoken (1613-1699) and Hikita Gentatsu (1748-1818)

Ink on paper

26.6 x 95.2 cm (10 1/2 x 37 1/2 in:)

Mounting 122 x 98 cm (48 x 38 1/2 in.)
Collector's box: Shirasaki Kenjo

Bachmann Eckenstein