muromachi bronze buddha

Child Buddha | Bronze Figure

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The Buddha child stands upright, with his right hand pointing to the sky above and his left to the earth underneath. 

On the eighth day of the fourth lunar month, Queen Maya was walking in the Lumbini Garden in the Suddhodana's palace grounds. As she stood under a sala (ashoka) tree and raised her right arm to pick a blossom, the infant Buddha sprang from her side without causing his mother pain or bloodshed. He was bathed by the snake gods Nanda and Upananda with cold and hot water. He immediately looked into all directions of the world and recognized himself as a Universal Ruler (cakravartin) and felt fearless. Then the new-born took seven steps, and where he walked lotuses grew under his feet. To each direction he made a vow: To the East: "I shall be the representation of all good qualities" To the South: "I shall be honoured by the gods and men" To the West: "I am the foremost in the world! I am the greatest in the world! This is my last birth! I will finish the sufferings of birth, old age and death" To the north - final step: "Thus I will be the highest of all beings".


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Bronze Figure

Muromachi Period (1336–1573)

Height 16.2 cm (6 1/2 in.)

Modern wooden box.