"This book offers in-depth insight into the art, culture and aesthetics of the Japanese garden. Written from a garden design perspective, garden-maker and author Sophie Walker explores the conceptual, abstract nature of the Japanese garden and considers the many complex layers of meaning...." - Publication: October 9th 2017

"Kintsugi is the remarkable Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with elegance and grace - a tradition with a lot to teach us more generally about how to handle the broken bits of ourselves." - School of life

Updated: May 25

calligraphy art FUYUBI NAKAMURA

"A fascinating study of word and art forms intrinsic to the cultural, social, and spiritual beliefs of Asia. - Traces of Words: Art and Calligraphy from Asia features a stunning selection of works representing a diverse array of cultures, eras, and media, including Sumerian cuneiform inscriptions, Qur’anic manu­scripts, Chinese calligraphy, graffiti art from Afghanistan, and contemporary artworks using Japanese calligraphy and Tibetan or Thai scripts. Through different materials—from paper to silk, woodblock to projected screen—these works in turn evoke the ephemeral and the eternal." - Figure 1 Publishing

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