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ARETHE festival aspires to make people experience contemporary Japanese art through the ritual tradition called chado (the way of tea). At first, chado and contemporary art may seem unrelated. Yet, historically the way of tea and it’s tea ceremony practice had represented a very forward- thinking approach to appreciate art. http://www.mizenfineart.com

Or look at an old tea bowl through the eyes of of a contemporary artist. Dry Lacquer Teabowl

kintsugi tea bowl chawan bonnie kemske chado

The teabowl has become an iconic form in contemporary ceramics. Having travelled from Japan, where it was an inherent part of chanoyu, or tea ceremony, it has evolved and adapted to become something very different in the West. - Bloomsbury Publishing

soetsu yanagi mingei wabi sabi

Sixteen essays by Soetsu Yanagi, key figure of the Japanese folk craft (Mingei) movement. A must read for anybody who liked Yanagi's book The Unknown Craftsman: A Japanese Insight into Beauty. - Highly recommended. Published by JPIC | Hardcover | ISBN 978-4-916055-75-0 | 246 pages | March 2017

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